Setting up an ideal laboratory is a key to success in vitro Fertilization (IVF) clinics, air quality is a growing concern for cities, buildings and your laboratories. The changes in weather, global warming , seasons, fires and industries bring new challenge to the air quality in IVF clinics.

Air quality, particle count and sterility are extremely important in an IVF laboratory to ensure best clinical outcomes, Human embryos are extremely sensitive to the presence of any smells, volatile organic compounds (VOC), chemically active compounds (CAC). Globally , a class 10,000 /ISO class 7  Lab is recommended for IVF that is 10,000 ppm in air.

The best way to achieve this by building a modular cleanroom. This is done by combination of PUF/ Rockwool filled modular panel & high efficiency HVAC air system that control temperature, humidity & particulate matter, as well as filter as filter harmful VOC.

It has been proved that air quality is crucial for the success of IVF because of the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs ),microbes & perfumes, all of which can be harmful to embryo development in vitro. Therefore IVF laboratories are equipped with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) , and activated carbon filters plus positive pressure for air particulate control, with or with CODA system,

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